MARPOL Training Institute

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MARPOL Training Institute

Through the partnership with MARPOL Training Institute (California, USA), VICEL offers exclusively in Brazil, the only training program on the Best Practices of the MARPOL Convention elaborated by IMO, specialized agency of the United Nations and responsible for the ocean anti-pollution regulations. The courses are aimed at ground technicians, HSE personnel and crew members of all types of vessels.


IMO-MARPOL Immersion

2-day in-class course on IMO-MARPOL international standards, relevant Brazilian legislation and Best Practices in the handling of materials that pollute the marine environment, covering the following MARPOL annexes:

Annex 1: Oily Waters; Annex 2: Harmful Products in Bulk; Annex 3: Harmful Packaged Products; Annex 4: Sewage Treatment; Appendix 5: On-board Garbage Management and Appendix 6: Gas Emissions.


Complying with MARPOL standards

Distance learning course with CBT (Computer Based Training) technology and certified by DNV, in the Portuguese version for the crew member module (Basic – 4h duration) and in English for the managers and onboard officers module (Complete – 8h duration). It can be done in submodules according to the students' time availability.

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What makes us unique?

MTI and VICEL together have over 100 years of experience in the naval and offshore industry.
At MTI, Commanders Hiller and Bob Hall (United States Navy) have been involved in training on MARPOL requirements for the past 5 years. At VICEL Comdr. Carvalho Rocha (Brazilian Navy) was one of the Brazilian representatives at IMO and has been associated with MARPOL for the past 10 years. Our training methodology provides full understanding of students and maximum return for our customers.


Why use our training products?

Inspection is increasingly strict for compliance with MARPOL requirements in the economic exploitation of ocean resources, whether in the naval or offshore industry. In Brazil, the Brazilian Navy is in charge of this inspection, through DPC – Department of Ports and Coasts. Globally, many operating companies have been fined more than 10 million dollars for compliance failures. Our training programs can generate real savings by the full understanding the standards and the risks of noncompliance.

History of vessels and crews with problems of compliance with MARPOL requirements:

A Department of Justice Fine from August 2007

A Department of Justice Fine from September 2007

A Department of Justice Fine from October 2007

Maritime Dumpers: Department of Justice

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